IT Security Consulting

IT security consulting is essential for an understanding of:
  • Assessment of the current situation;
  • Effective processes and systems;
  • Appropriate skill levels required.
Without a security strategy it will often not be clear how the security function contributes to the overall aims of the organization. Companies without it unsurprisingly end to marginalize, or at least it does not fulfill its potential to generate competitive advantage.
  • Good security strategies help an organization to have good security management;
  • A security strategy provides direction, and a reference point to establish priorities;
  • Developing a good strategy and learning how best to implement it is crucial to successful security and good business.

We offer a fully comprehensive service, right from analyzing risks and assessing the effectiveness of current security practices.

We can help

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Basic Risks Assesment

ISO 27001 Risks Assesments

Threats and Identity Management

SIEM (Security Information Event Management)

Vulnerability Assessment


We can help

Take a look what we offer to you

Free consulting

This is generally carried-out via e-mail and simple questions and answers. We endeavour to reply you within 48-72 hours to your enquire.

Consulting fee for simple IT Security topics

This is generally carried-out via e-mail and encrypted reply via e-mail, whenever confidentiality is required. We endeavour to reply to you within 24 hours. This service suits needs and questions related your company current IT security posture and how to establish a roadmap. It's unsuitable if you already have a roadmap and wish to start to implement a project. The cost of this service is £25.00

Consulting which requires requirements analysis

This implies analysis of functional and/or non-functional requirements. Your request is accepted via a SOW (Statement of Work) only. Please send us an initial enquire via the contact form. We will then provide you guidance about filling our requirements gathering questionnaire, which allows us to understand your needs and offer you efforts estimation and a quotation.

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