Are you aware of Small and medium sized companies are putting a third of their revenue at risks?

According a British Government document published here there are common misconceptions about IT Security, and we believe that we can help you to increase the IT Security of your company at an affordable cost.

243 days average time to detect an IT security breach.


It's not a question of "if" your company will face this challenge, but ... "when" and more important ... "how" will you deal with it.

SMEs are facing the same threat landscape as larger organizations, but without their budgets.

Best practice in information security and compliance for small and medium-sized enterprise (SMEs) is often seen as a headache.

        Why Rokeby Technologies.

Rokeby Technologies is a British IT Security Company whose mission is to offer IT Security service at the cheapest costs to SMEs. It achieves its goals via reducing business rather than technical costs, meaning that it mainly invests in research and development instead of marketing, show rooms and expensive rented spaces in city centers.









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What we do

Rokeby Technologies is a start-up company whose mission is to offer IT Security consultation and services at affordable costs. Our business model is flat with a strong technical footprint, and with very limited business management costs. In simple words, we offer our technical expertise and we minimize unnecessary business costs.

When we do

We start to deliver when the requirements, SOW (Statement of Work) and the contract are finalized. Assuming that your requirements are almost standards or deviations are minimal, the list shows you an estimation of efforts when we deliver our projects:

- HLD (High Level Design) of an Identity and Access Management solution which includes either authentication or authorization

  5 weeks.

- Basic implementation of UTM (Unified Threat Management).

  1 week.

- Basic implementation of Web FW, WEB Content Filtering.

  2 weeks.

- Basic implementation of SIEM (Security and Information Event Management)

  6 weeks.


How we do

Because each company has different needs and organizations, regardless whether is small, medium, or big, we start from the architecture and particularly gathering the business requirements. We believe that jumping directly on offering a solution without a good understanding of the customer needs is mostly useless, due to the complexity of the Cyber Security and the budget required, which can span from few thousands to million of dollars.

Rokeby Technologies is a small company established in Milton Keynes Great Britain since 1998. Members CVs, professional achievements are available on request. If you wish contact us, please use the e-mail address ilasa01 at as it avoids spams robots and crawlers to intercept e-mail addresses.